Wire Scratch Brush - WS6S

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Scratch brush with stainless steel bristles. Available in a variety of colour options and with either classic set or resin set bristles. Made using FDA/EU approved materials.
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External Dimensions 279 x 35mm
Material Food Grade Polypropylene
Bristle Texture Stiff - Stainless steel
The WS65 wire scratch brush comes with stainless steel bristles that excels at cleaning stubborn dirt and burn marks from surfaces and other items. A comfortable handle makes heavy cleaning hassle-free and the bristles can either be classic set or resin set. Resin setting involves the use of both stainless steel staples and anti-bacterial resin to keep bristles in place, which ensure a longer lasting and more hygienic product. All of our hygiene brushes are built with FDA/EU approved materials and are available in a wide range of colour options.
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