Slicing Knife 10 inch - SLIK10

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10 inch slicing knife ideal for cutting foods like bread and meat. Large handle fits well in gloved hands and is easily cleaned. Each knife comes with a protective sheath for safe handling and storage. Plastic handle can be colour coded with a variety of industry standard colours.
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Large Item No
External Dimensions 10 inch blade
Material Stainless Steel (plastic handle)
The SLIK10 is a 10 inch knife used for slicing through food ingredients with tough exteriors. The serrated edge maintains its sharpness for much longer than a smooth blade, and ensures that cuts are made with clean edges. The large plastic handle provides ample grip and can be easily cleaned to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination. Each knife comes wrapped in a protective sheath for safe handling and storage but can also be kept in a knife block or rack. The handles can be colour coded in a variety of industry standard colours to help identify the knife's intended food type, thus reducing the risk of cross-contamination.
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