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Plastic Dollies - RM54DY. The RM54DY is a new double plastic dolly that has been cleverly designed to handle a wide selection of different sized and types of plastic boxes. Capable of handling up to two stacks of European Stacking Containers (Euro stackers) or Maxinest Bale Arm Baskets (stack/nest crates) these double plastic dollies are perfect for almost any industry. Manufactured from food grade polyethylene plastic, the RM54DY incorporates a very hygienic design and is extremely strong and durable. These plastic dollies can be supplied with a quick-release handle to aid in handling. Supertuff's extensive range of colour options includes the five standard colours; blue, red, green, yellow and white (natural) as well as the four made to order colours; orange, purple, brown and grey. The final colour we can manufacture this product in is black, this is made from recycled plastic. More information about the RM54DYREC can be found by clicking here.

Perfect for almost any industry setting the RM54DY securely handles stack/nest containers and Euro-sized plastic crates. For more information on these ingenius double plastic dollies, continue reading below...

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Large Item No
External Dimensions 940 x 670mm Plastic Dolly (2 x (610 x 410mm aperture sizes))
Material Food Grade Medium Density Polyethylene
Recommended Weight Limit 250KG
Wheel/Castor Type 4 x 4" Swivel

Manufactured from a strong and highly durable food grade polyethylene plastic material, the RM54DY is a double plastic dolly designed to suit both Maxinest bale arm crates and Euro stackable boxes of varying sizes. The cleverly designed in-step, allows the plastic dolly to securely handle a vast array of different plastic containers including 600 x 400mm European stacking containers (Euro stackers) and 600 x 400mm stack / nest containers (plastic crates). Perfect for many industries including food manufacturing, textiles, pharmaceuticals, engineering, logistics, retail, farming, horticulture, warehousing and many more, the incredibly robust nature of the RM54DY ensures that it is capable of withstanding the rigours of industrial application.

Available in a wide range of colours to help with colour coding practices, the RM54DY plastic dollies can be supplied with a quick-release plastic handle. Helping to aid with handling and manoeuvring the plastic dollies around busy environments, the plastic handle can be attached at either end of the plastic dolly and easily released when not required. Whether you are handling Maxinest crates or Euro-sized stacking boxes, the RM54DY is a plastic dolly that is both hygienic and long lasting, providing a solution for a vast number of applications.

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