Confectionery Tray - 30183C - 762x457x92mm

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Confectionery Trays - 30183C. These plastic containers are available from stock in a range of colours including white, red, blue and yellow. Helping with colour coding, these fully perforated colour coded confectionery trays offer effective air flow attributes.

Part of a range of bakery trays that all exhibit an identical footprint and stacking feature, these colour coded plastic trays are manufactured from food grade polypropylene. The confectionery tray range includes 3 different sizes of bakery trays all available in a range of formats and colours. Able to inter-stack with one another, these plastic confectionery trays helping to improve the cooling times of their contents by providing effective airflow.

Allowing you to adhere to colour coding practices the 30183C bakery trays are used throughout a number of industries including food manufacturing, food processing and the meat industry. Often referred to as pizza dough trays, bakery trays or bread trays the confectionery trays are commonly used for the storage and distribution of food ingredients, bakery products, sweets and confectioneries.

Compatible with our RM35DY plastic dolly and RM36DY plastic dollies (skates) these plastic stacking trays are easily handled in large stacks. Helping you to manoeuvre stacks of bakery trays about a busy food factory or bakery, the plastic dollies are also suitable for food contact environments. For more information on these hygienic confectionery trays continue reading below...

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SKU 30183C
Large Item No
External Dimensions 762 x 457 x 92mm (L x W x H)
Internal Base Dimensions 715 x 412 x 72mm (L x W x H)
Material Food Grade Polypropylene
Volume Capacity 22 Litres

Confectionery Trays and Plastic Trays

Often known as bakery trays, bread crates, bread trays or pizza dough trays these confectionery trays are ideal for handling and distributing bakery products, sweets and confectioneries. Available in a range of different food approved colours these plastic containers help you to adhere to colour coding systems and also aid with product identification and separation. Manufactured from food grade polypropylene the colour coded plastic trays are perfect for food contact applications and are used throughout the food manufacturing, food processing and meat industry. A favourite amongst bakeries, butchers, food factories and delicatessens these bakery trays are part of a range of different sizes and formats of plastic trays.

These plastic stacking trays are often used for point of sale of baked morning goods, pies, pastries, savoury goods and cakes. A popular choice for the bakery industry the confectionery trays are also used throughout the meat processing and fish processing industries as meat trays and fish trays. Equipped with easy to grip hand holes on their short sides the confectionery trays are easily handled manually.

Able to inter-work with any of the other sizes or formats of confectionery trays within the range, these plastic trays share an identical footprint and cross-stacking feature that allows them to stack on top of one another and be compatible with our RM35DY and RM36DY plastic dollies (skates). Perfect for handling large stacks of colour coded confectionery trays about a busy factory floor or bakery, the plastic dolly is manufactured from food grade polyethylene and has a very hygienic design. Incorporating a fully perforated base and sides, the 30183C bakery trays offer effective airflow capabilities and due to their ability to stack, they can help to reduce cooling times of products even when stacked.

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