Pallet Converter - PALCON2

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Bunded pallet converter to convert a standard 1200 x 800mm euro-sized plastic pallet into a bunded drum sump pallet. Sump can hold up to 250L. Compressible front for easy lowering of euro-sized pallet into sump.

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Large Item No
External Dimensions 1500 x 1100 x 440mm (L x W x H)
Volume Capacity 250L

The bunded pallet converter is designed to be attached to a standard 1200 x 800mm euro-sized pallet to turn it into a bunded drum sump pallet. Users are then able to safely move barrels and hazardous liquids around without spillage. Constructed from corrosion-resistant polyethylene (MDPE), this pallet converter is the ideal solution for converting euro-sized plastic pallets. A removable plastic grip makes cleaning and maintaining this pallet converter stress-free, helping increase product lifespan. This product is available in yellow.

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