Serrated Vegetable Knife 4 inch - VEGK4S

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4 inch serrated knife used for slicing and chopping vegetables. Every knife comes equipped with an individual protective sheath for hygienic and safe handling. Available with either a white or green handle.
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External Dimensions 4 inch blade
Material Stainless Steel (plastic handle)
The VEGK4S is a 4 inch serrated knife designed to be used for chopping and slicing vegetables. The coloured plastic handle grips well in the hand (even when wet) and is easy to clean which minimises the risk of bacteria developing. The serrated edge on the edge of this blade makes it ideal for slicing fruit and veg which have a hard exterior but soft interior. Every knife in this range comes supplied with a protective sheath which provides a safer storage option and also reduces the likelihood of dirt accruing on the blade when not in use. This blade is also a compatible shape and size to fit into a standard knife block or storage rack. The handle is available in green and white.
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