Scalloped Utility Knife 5 inch - SUK5

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5 inch utility knife with scalloped edge. Ideal for slicing and chopping food ingredients. Protective sheath is provided for safe and hygienic storage. Plastic handles can be colour coded using industry standard food colours.
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External Dimensions 5 inch blade
Material Stainless Steel (plastic handle)
Popular in the food industry for its ability to slice and chop food ingredients with ease, the SUK5 is a 5 inch utility knife with scalloping on the edge of the blade. Whereas smooth edge blades can quickly become dull, scalloped blades maintain their sharpness for much longer and are easier to maintain. The scallops on the edge also have the additional benefit of allowing air to pass between the blade and the product, making separation between the two much easier. The durable plastic handle provides ample grip for the user and can be cleaned with no trouble to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. These knives are provided with protective sheathes for safer handling and can be stored in knife blocks or racks when not in use. The handles for this knife are available in a variety of industry standard colours to help identify the type of food the knife is intended for.
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