Plastic Pallet - RM1210CD - 1200 x 1000mm

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Plastic Pallets - RM1210CD. These plastic pallets are available from stock in blue. This 1200 x 1000mm plastic pallet has a closed deck and is often referred to as a pool pallet. Suitable for use within pallet racking the RM1210CD are considered to be rackable plastic pallets. Equipped with 5 runners these plastic pallets are categorised as heavy duty and are of an industrial quality. This plastic pallet has a full perimeter base and is manufactured from food grade polyethylene.

These plastic pallets have a maximum static weight loading of 5000kg for use on the floor, a maximum dynamic weight loading of 2500kg for use on set of forks; and a maximum rackable weight loading of 1250kg. Equipped with integrated lips, the plastic pallets help to prevent plastic containers or plastic boxes from sliding off whilst being handled.

Perfect for food handling and for use within food contact and high care environments, these plastic pallets are very hygienic. For more details on these rackable plastic pallets please continue reading below...

More Information
Large Item No
Material Food Grade Polyethylene (HDPE)
External Dimensions 1200 x 1000 x 155mm (L x W x H)
Recommended Weight Limit Static 5000kg / Dynamic 2500kg / Rackable 1250kg

Plastic Pallets and Rackable Plastic Pallets

Categorised as a rackable plastic pallet, these plastic pallets are designed for use within pallet racking. Manufactured from an incredibly tough food grade polyethylene material the plastic pallets have a closed deck and a full perimeter base and are of an industrial quality. Equipped with 5 integrated runners the plastic pallets are easily handled on pallet trucks and fork lift trucks. A popular choice for pharmaceuticals and healthcare, food manufacturing and food processing industries, these rackable plastic pallets are incredibly durable and hygienic.

Also referred to as a pool pallet these 1200 x 1000mm plastic pallets are classified as heavy duty. Able to handle large bulky goods and equipment the rackable plastic pallets can handle heavy weights whilst on the ground as well as within pallet racking. The RM1210CD plastic pallets have a static weight capacity of 5000kg whilst on the ground, a dynamic weight loading of 2500kg whilst in motion on a set of forks and a rackable weight capacity of 1250kg whilst in pallet racking.

Designed to prevent plastic containers and Euro boxes from slipping off of the pallet, these plastic pallets have integrated lips around their edge. Perfect for use within the food manufacturing and food processing industries these plastic pallets are manufactured from food grade material and are suitable for food contact. A popular choice for handling and storing bulk amounts of food ingredients and food produce the closed deck allows the rackable plastic pallets to be easily cleaned and makes them extremely hygienic.

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