Plastic Dolly - RM36DY Bakery Tray Dolly

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Plastic Dollies - RM36DY Bakery Tray Dolly. The RM36DY plastic dollies are solid-decked and designed to suit confectionery trays and bread baskets sized 765 x 455mm. Perfect for use within the likes of food manufacturing and bakery applications, these plastic dollies provide a secure solution for handling stacks of confectionery and bakery trays. Manufactured from food grade polyethylene plastic, the plastic dollies incorporate an impeccably hygienic design with no crevices or dirt traps, making them easy to clean and ideal for high risk food environments.

The RM36DY solid-deck plastic dolly is well designed for use in handling bakery and confectionery trays. Available in a wide range of colours, with more available on request, these plastic dollies are perfect for colour coding practices thanks to the offering of five standard colours; blue, red, green, yellow and white (natural) and four further made to order colours; orange, purple, brown and grey. One final colour option in black can also be offered, this is made from recycled material and is more cost effective as a result but is, however, not suitable for food contact. For more information the black RM36DYREC please click here.

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Large Item No
External Dimensions 835 x 535mm Plastic Dolly (762 x 460mm aperture size)
Material Food Grade Medium Density Polyethylene
Recommended Weight Limit 220KG
Wheel/Castor Type 4 x 4" 2 fixed and 2 swivel

An ideal plastic dolly for use within food manufacturing and bakery applications, the RM36DY plastic dollies are designed to securely handle stacks of 765 x 455mm confectionery trays and bread crates. Perfect for use in bakeries, the RM36DY is manufactured from a strong and durable food grade polyethylene plastic material. The dollies design incorporates no awkward to clean crevices or dirt traps, making it extremely hygienic and easy to clean, perfect for food handling applications within bakeries and food factories. The solid-decked plastic dolly is comprised of a single one-piece moulding that is incredibly robust and durable and ideal for handling confectionery trays with baked and confectionery goods contained. The RM36DY can be supplied in a wide range of colours, with more colours available on request to aid with colour coding.

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