Palette Knife 8 inch - PALK8

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8 inch palette knife used in kitchens for evenly spreading across food surfaces. Equipped with a protective sheath for hygienic storage. Plastic handles are available in a variety of industry standard colours.
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Large Item No
External Dimensions 8 inch blade
Material Stainless Steel (plastic handle)
The PALK8 is an 8 inch flat palette knife which is popular in food preparation for its ability to spread large quantities of food and ingredients quickly and evenly. The large handle provides complete control of the blade to the user and continues to offer good grip even when wet or coated with powders such as flour. Each knife comes packed in a protective sheath to reduce the risk of dirt building up on the blade when not in use. The PALK8 is also compatible for use in standard shaped knife blocks/racks. This handle is available in a range of industry standard colours to signify what food the knife is used for.
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