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Maxinest Bale Arm Baskets. These stack nest plastic containers are available from stock in blue. Manufactured from food grade polypropylene the bale arm crates incorporate a pair of strong bale arms that allow the plastic trays to stack when engaged and nest when disengaged.

Perfect for many industries including food manufacturing and food processing, retail distribution and logistics, industrial storage and warehousing to name a few, these colour coded plastic stack nest baskets are commonly seen throughout supermarkets, retail stores, grocery shops, farming, horticulture, meat processors and many other environments.

These Maxinest bale arm crates are compatible with our ultra-hygienic RM74DY plastic dolly. For further details on these food grade plastic containers, continue reading below...

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Large Item No
External Dimensions 691 x 441 x 194mm (L x W x H)
Internal Base Dimensions 635 x 391 x 168mm (L x W x H)
Material Food Grade Polypropylene
Volume Capacity 43 Litres

Heavy Duty Plastic Crates

The Maxinest bale arm baskets are ideal for storage and distribution of goods and produce. Incorporating a pair of strong bale arms the plastic stack nest crates are able to stack when the bale arms are engaged and then nest when they are disengaged. This stack and nest feature allows the plastic containers to save on huge amounts of space, especially on return journeys. Perfect for many storage and distribution applications the Maxinest bale arm crates are used throughout supermarkets, grocery shops, farming, horticulture, food banks and retail distribution as well as within the food manufacturing and food processing, pharmaceutical and healthcare; and general manufacturing and engineering industries.

Easily handled due to their ergonomical hand grips the plastic bale arm baskets have a ventilated / perforated base and sides to allow for excellent airflow to products. Ideal for storing perishable food products such as fruits and vegetables the internal sides of the plastic supermarket crates are smooth, providing protection for the contents during transit. The external walls of the plastic bale arm containers are dappled to allow adhesive labels to be easily removed. These Maxinest bale arm baskets are compatible with our Supertuff RM74DY plastic dollies.

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