Ingredient Bin - 90 Litre - RM20TR

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This ingredient dispenser is a popular choice in many food processing sites thanks to its suitability to handle dry food ingredients such as flour. This food ingredient container is moulded from food grade polyethylene plastic with a capacity of 90 litres.

Manufactured from a food grade polyethylene material this storage bin is supplied as standard with a durable plastic lid, PETG clear plastic flap and 4 x 4 inch (100mm) swivel castors for easy manoeuvrability. Designed to fit under any standard height workbench or stainless steel table the clear plastic flap can be upgraded to stainless steel if required.

To aid with product identification we offer a bespoke labelling service for out mobile dispenser range. If you would like further information on product labelling, please contact our dedicated sales team. This ingredient bin is available in a huge range of colours including blue, yellow, red, green, white/natural, orange, purple, brown, black, pink, dark yellow and light green.

For more information on the RM20TR ingredient bin please feel free to contact our sales team or continue reading below...

More Information
Large Item No
External Dimensions 600 x 455 x 714mm (L x W x H)
Material Food Grade Medium Density Polyethylene
Recommended Weight Limit 50kg
Volume Capacity 90 Litres / 20 Gallons
Wheel/Castor Type 4 x 4" Swivel

Used throughout the food manufacturing, food processing, catering and hospitality industries for the storage and dispense of food ingredients, this range of ingredient dispensers provide the ideal handling solution. Perfect for use within hotels, restaurants, food factories and commercial kitchens to name a few, this brightly coloured ingredient bin is produced using a rotational moulding process that ensures a seamless, crevice free and watertight structure. Ideal for food contact environments the seamless and dirt trap free design of the RM20TR helps to make it easy to clean.

Used for storing and dispensing a number of different food ingredients and dry food stuffs such as bags of flour, grain products, cereals and dried mixed fruit our durable ingredient bins are proven to be long lasting and robust. As a guideline, the RM20TR industrial food storage bin can hold up to 2 x 25kg bags of flour. Highly manoeuvrable, the RM20TR is housed on 4 x 4 inch (100mm) swivel castors and can be effortlessly wheeled about a busy kitchen or factory floor. The standard castors for these coloured food bins can be upgraded to stainless steel and braked versions if required.

The clear plastic lid on this bin is upgradable to stainless steel if required, further enhancing its hygienic value. Each ingredient bin size is designed to be able to be used as under table ingredient storage. Easily positioned under standard height stainless steel tables or workbenches the RM20TR helps to save on floor space. To assist with colour coding this bin is available in up to 12 colours and we also provide a bespoke labelling service to help with product identification.

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