Hygienic Plastic Bucket 6 Litre - VK6

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6 litre plastic bucket used for cleaning and food ingredient applications. Graduated measuring scale inside assists with measuring. Supplied with a sturdy stainless steel hanger and hand grip underneath to aid with pouring contents. Available in a wide range of colour options and with optional lid.
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Material Polypropylene (PP)
External Dimensions 270 x 258mm (W x H)
Volume Capacity 6 litres
Supertuff Europe are suppliers of sturdy plastic buckets that can be used for an extremely wide range of applications. Often called hygiene buckets because of their food grade polypropylene construction, these buckets are suitable for use in environments that require high standards of hygiene. Equipped with a stainless steel hanger to assist with handling, this 6 litre bucket is ideal for use in cleaning, food ingredient storage and food ingredient mixing scenarios to name a few. The graduated measuring scale inside the bucket makes content quantities easy to record and is moulded into the plastic to ensure longevity. A small hand grip underneath and a drip-free spout allow for easy directional pouring which also reduces the risk of unwanted side spillage. Similarly, a flat side provides greater stability when this bucket is on its side and minimises its ability to roll. All buckets in our range are available in a variety of colours and can be equipped with an optional lid.
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