Filleting Knife 6 inch - FILLK6

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6 inch filleting knife used for preparing boneless slices of fish and other meats. Each blade comes with a protective sheath for safer storage and hygiene. Handle is available in blue or red.
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External Dimensions 6 inch blade
Material Stainless Steel (plastic handle)
The FILLK6 is a 6 inch filleting knife which offers excellent manoeuvrability and a razor sharp edge, offering to quickly and comfortably glide through fish and other meat being prepared. The durable plastic handle gives the user complete control over the blade and provides ample grip, even when wet or covered in flour. When not in use, these knives can be stored in the provided sheath for safer storage, or can be stored in a knife block/rack. Handles are available in blue or red to identify whether the knife is intended for fish or other raw meat.
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