Collapsible Plastic Pallet Box - 847 Litres - FLC975

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FLC975 Collapsible Pallet Box. The FLC975 is a plastic pallet box with a conventional 1200x1000mm footprint that can be collapsed into a space efficient form when not needed. Situated on two runners/skids and two block feet, this pallet box can be used with forklifts, pallet handling trucks and is compatible for storage on pallet racking systems. With a static weight capacity of 3200kg and a dynamic capacity of 1600kg, this plastic container issues a versatile and resilient storage solution for almost any industrial environment.

The FLC975 includes half drop doors on a long and short side to provide users with easy access to contents when stacked with other units. Plastic handles also allow for safe and convenient manual handling.

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Large Item No
External Dimensions 1200 x 1000 x 975mm (L x W x H)
Material Polypropylene (PP)
Recommended Weight Limit Static 3200kg / Dynamic 1600kg
Volume Capacity 847 litres

The collapsible pallet box range is popular in a number of industries for its reliability and versatility, saving vast amounts of space by folding into a compact shape when not needed. The FLC975 has a standard 1200x1000mm footprint and usable 847 litre internal volume. Situated on two skids/runners and two block feet that sit in the middle, this bulk box can be conveniently handled with forklifts or placed on pallet racking systems. Static and dynamic weight limits of 3200kg and 1600kg make it a great addition to any industry that frequently transports stock and requires a space efficient solution. Drainage holes in the otherwise solid base prevent water and other liquids from building up.

When not in use, the FLC975 can be collapsed into a small shape that requires significantly less room to safely store. Quick to assemble and robust once established, this pallet box can be stacked with other units and is equipped as standard with half drop doors on a long and short side to provide easy access to stored contents. Integrated handles on the sides also enable safe and convenient manual handling possibilities.

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