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Euro Plastic Stacking Containers - 21033. These Euro stackable plastic boxes are available from stock in a number of food approved colours including red, blue and grey. Ideal for storage and handling applications the standard European footprint of these plastic stacking crates enables them to stack efficiently onto Euro-sized plastic pallets and our plastic dollies (skates).

Manufactured from food grade polypropylene these Euro stackable plastic containers are well suited for use within many industries as well as high care environments. Ideal for the food manufacturing and food processing, pharmaceuticals and healthcare industries the durable plastic stacking crates are also used throughout industrial storage and engineering, recycling and retail distribution.

The European standard sized footprint of these plastic crates enables the stacking boxes to stack efficiently onto standard Euro sized plastic pallets, utilising all of the available space. Also compatible with our plastic Euro dolly (600 x 400mm plastic dolly), the RM91DY, you can safely and securely handle large stacks of these European stacking containers.

To help with colour coding, product identification and separation, these Euro stacking crates are available in a range of colours. Optional plastic lids, Euro plastic dollies and plastic tray printing can be provided on request. For more information on these Euro plastic stacking containers, please continue reading below...

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SKU 21033
Large Item No
External Dimensions 600 x 400 x 175mm (L x W x H)
Internal Base Dimensions 555 x 355 x 164mm (L x W x H)
Material Food Grade Polypropylene
Volume Capacity 33 Litres

The 21033 plastic stackable crates have a solid base and sides, enabling them to be easily cleaned and making them an ideal hygienic plastic container. Perfect for a vast number of different industries, these plastic stackable boxes are used within a range of storage and materials handling applications. The colour coded plastic trays are popular within the likes of food manufacturing and food processing being used as food approved plastic containers, pharmaceuticals and healthcare as distribution and storage crates, engineering and retail distribution; and recycling and industrial storage to name a few. Manufactured from food grade polypropylene the food grade tubs are part of a larger range of Euro sized plastic crates. Exhibiting a European standard sized footprint, these European stacking containers are available in a variety of food approved colours to help with colour coding.

The standard sized European footprint of these plastic stackable boxes allows them to work hand in hand with standard Euro plastic pallets. Utilising all of the available space, the food grade plastic crates stack efficiently onto the Euro pallets and can be easily transported. Ideal for the likes of distribution, imports and exports applications these colour coded plastic stacking boxes are easily shipped and can also be supplied complete with or without a drop on plastic lid to suit. Plastic lids help the food approved plastic trays with covering and protecting their contents. Manufactured from food grade, food approved plastic makes these plastic Euro stacking containers ideal for use within food contact and high care environments, commonly being used as fish crates or meat trays.

Easily cleaned thanks to their solid, smooth base and sides, the plastic containers are very hygienic. Used within the meat processing industry to store meat products such as poultry, beef and pork, as well as for the storage and handling of fish and seafood products the colour coded, red crates and blue containers are commonly associated with food handling. Assisting with the handling and transportation of these Euro stacking plastic boxes, Supertuff manufacture a 600 x 400mm plastic dolly or Euro dolly to suit. These plastic dollies (skates) are manufactured in a wide range of colours from a food grade polyethylene material. Designed to be highly manoeuvrable and hygienic, the plastic dolly, RM91DY, is ideal for safely and securely handling large stacks of European stackable trays.

Offering a large range of food approved plastic crates and stackable boxes from stock, Supertuff aim to meet your requirements quickly and efficiently. As proud UK stockists of Schoeller Allibert plastic crates, plastic boxes, plastic containers and plastic trays we hold a vast number of European sized plastic stacking containers in stock in an array of sizes, colours and formats. Also to assist with product identification and ownership of plastic crates, we provide a bespoke labelling and printing service for Euro stacking boxes. For more information on our labelling and printing services for Euro plastic stacking containers, please contact our dedicated sales team.

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